Swan creek Candle Co.

Swan Creek Candles are made from American soybean wax and are a clean burning candle. The best part about these candles are once you're done burning the candle, you have an amazing canister that you can use for anything!

Their melts are just as amazing! Most other wax melts will stain your warmer, where our Swan Creek melts won't. They're also made out of soy wax and are super easy to clean!


Simplux Flameless Candle

Our simplux luxury candles are made with real wax, are safe, with a realistic 360 degree moving flame, over 300 hours of battery life, a built in 4 to 8 hour timer, once it is set it will automatically turn on and off daily, remote compatible for more timer options. 

We have a range of sizes and a few colors available.

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